DJ Navi is a musical mastermind - a talented force of nature with an ear for music who spins tunes that lure people in and keeps them on their feet.  He’s adept at reading the crowd, engaging the audience in a way that is effortless and entertaining. As a well-known figure on the local music scene for over fifteen years, DJ Navi’s professionalism, experience, and comprehensive knowledge of his craft will enhance any event.  With his dynamic energy, confident spin, and playful banter, Navi ensures that your venue, party, wedding or event will be hype from beginning to end!


DJ Navi has been performing and DJing since 2004.  His accomplishments include partnerships with Fortune 500 companies such as AT&T and The Buckle, and the formation of successful record pools and DJ crews such as the Doughgetta DJs and the Deuce Crew.  Counted among Navi’s accolades are the Knockdown award for Best DJ in 2015, and a SEA nomination for Best DJ in the South in 2016. Having spun for some of the top acts in entertainment, Navi’s clients include Katt Williams, T.I., Trick Daddy & Trina, DJ Khaled, Scarface, the Ying Yang Twins, Kevin McCall, Dorough, LL Cool J, Snoop, Nelly, Trey Songz, Tone Loc, Mike Jones, Bun B, Chamillionaire, and Young Bloods.  Often recruited for grand openings, DJ Navi is available for concerts, festivals, clubs, weddings, private parties, and a host of other events. Dj Navi: The hottest in these United States!!

Nominated for Dj of the Year 2013.

Knockdown Awards 
Nominated for Club Dj of the Year 2014

SEA Awards 
Nominated for Dj of the Year 2014

Lama Awards

Nominated for #1 Dj of the Year 2015

SEA Awards

DJ NAVI goes National

Its been a long journey but Nasty is officially Nation Wide and ready to book anywhere any time. 


The brand new project from Dj Navi released to The hot new mission has blazing tracks from some of the industries underrated artist. All original and FREE. The link is above!


The Latest in DJ Navi gear is here. Click on the online store to check it out!!


The latest is, Dj Navi has been given the green light for another oppourtunity. Coming this Spring the live podcast with a yet to be released title!


   Dj Navi

Cognac and Perfume / Moufpece Da Rippa
#getnasty Mixtape

Kush Pinapples/ Jus Skool 

The Hustle / Jus Skool f. Jeremy Jackson / THC Mixtape