Mic'd Up Podcast

Mic'd Up: The Multi-cast, is scheduled to stream out across different platforms. Pod Cast, Live streams, pre recorded sites as well as hiphop news sites. The Mic'd up is anchored by DJ Navi, Honeysiccle, and A.M. The OutKast. Always informative and opinionated on every subject at hand. Our 4 corners of subject matter include Live Shows, whose on the move and where in B.T.C. The Cannabis Corner spearheaded by our very own OutKast. The New Releases and lastly our very own Mic Drop. 

Sponsorship Packages are available and Merchandise will be trending as early as May!

Season 1

DJ NAVI goes National

Its been a long journey but Nasty is officially Nation Wide and ready to book anywhere any time. 


The brand new project from Dj Navi released to Datpiff.com. The hot new mission has blazing tracks from some of the industries underrated artist. All original and FREE. The link is above!


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The latest is, Dj Navi has been given the green light for another oppourtunity. Coming this Spring the live podcast with a yet to be released title!


   Dj Navi nastynavi@gmail.com

Cognac and Perfume / Moufpece Da Rippa
#getnasty Mixtape

Kush Pinapples/ Jus Skool 

The Hustle / Jus Skool f. Jeremy Jackson / THC Mixtape