Fat Candy Jams Oldschool Vol.3 
Fat Candy 3.jpg

Fat Candy BBQ Sauce Presents the third Vol. to the series! OldSchool was so good we jad to follow it up. Lets go back!

Fat Candy Jams OldSchool Vol. 2
FatCandy 2.jpg

Fat Candy BBQ Sauce Presents the second Vol. to the series! OldSchool is the name of the mix. . Lets go back!

Faded 2 

Faded 2 is the second installment In the Faded series! This project is inspired by my sons! Check their selection!

Summer Grooves

fatcandy navi.jpg
FAT CANDY BBQ SAUCE presents: Summer Grooves. A Summer Sountrack for the Masses. This collaboration is made for summer parties, backyard bashes and pool time! Enjoy! 
Petroleum Jelly Mix
petrolleum jelly.jpg

Dj Navi Presents: Petroleum Jelly. One of the dopest mixes posted in 2019. This mix features some of the years best records all rolled up into one head nodding piece of genius. Artist such as LLoyd, Cardi B and The Game round out this awesome track list. Dj Navi the hottest in these United States. 

The Fix Mix
the fix mix art.jpg

When asked to put together and EDM or TRAP mix, DJ Navi masterfully released THE FIX MIX! A dynamic mix composing todays greatest artist to some of the dopest EDM tracks! Blending them effortless to mp3! A project able to be pumped at any event, warmup or otherwise. You want EDM or TRAP here is you answer. DJ Navi the hottest in these United States!!

The Krutch Mix

Faced with over whelming injury and loss Dj Navi gives us THE KRUTCH MIX! While he was injured, the idea to put together a massive mix was itching on DJ Navi's finger tips. Finally after days of frustration we got a mix we could be proud of. Born out of pain, DJ Navi drops THE KRUTCH! Dj Navi the hottest in these United States!

Bust A Moove Mix
bustamove (1).jpg

One of the latest mixes from Dj Navi, this powerhouse project was actually a gift for a dear friend. Shout to the birthday girl because we know she loves to dance her face off! Enjoy!

Wild 104.9 Audition Tape

In 2019 Dj Navi aspired to grow his audience by reaching the radio station! In one of two auditions, Dj Navi recorded a mix specifically for OKC's Wild 104.9 hd!!

V103 Audition Tape

In 2020 Dj Navi aspired to grow his audience by reaching the radio stations. In his second of two auditions, Dj Navi recorded a mix specifically for OKC's V103 Tyler Media Station! 


High Energy Work Out Mix is for the ppl stuck at home that need a little motivation to excercise. Make sure you keep active in our down time! I am Dj Navi, and here is something you have to move to! Hope all of you enjoy!

faded cover.jpg

This project was with my sons! Wanted to get them involved! So these are their pics and they did an excellent job! Shout to Irvin and Patrick YOU GOT ONE!!

The Pre Roll
pre roll.jpg

The Pre Roll is a Smoking Mix! A Celebration for 4/20 and all who participate! Im Happy to be able to provide the soundtrack for every single joint you hit!

Panty Droppa Mix

Dj Navi presents: The Panty Droppa Mix. Specifically for those nights alone with that special someone. Dj Navi includes some of the top hitters of the R&B Genre. This mix is something special and should be listened too only with passion in mind! Dj Navi the hottest in these United Sates!