THE Wedding whisperer

The Wedding Whisperer.


Ask any bride, the perfect wedding day requires a flawless dress, notable venue and the love of your life; but, the cherry on top is the unforgettable energy created celebrated and remembered on the special day. It just so happens that DJ Navi also known as the “Wedding Whisperer” ensures just that. His ability to read a room and commit to the core of its people is unmatched. It’s not just the lights or his charismatic voice over the microphone; it is the way he hosts and holistically manages all requests while successfully ensuring the night is indeed magical.


Playing in the smallest of VFW venues to the grand Casino halls of Oklahoma, DJ Navi knows the most important sound besides the “I do’s” is the sound of celebration from the dance floor.  From themed weddings, traditional settings or an Ol’ Fashion Hitchin this DJ is sure to bring pure jubilation adding to the night of unforgettable euphoria.


Entertainment can be the one of the biggest expenses a matrimony can have. Thus remaining flexible in price and enterprising have been this DJ’s way to stay ahead of the curve. With a DJ like this, memories are made and the dance floor is always flawlessly slayed! “It’s all about the people” he says “and the people love a good time”. 



DJ Navi “The Wedding Whisperer”


Written by Rojea Jamier

DJ NAVI goes National

Its been a long journey but Nasty is officially Nation Wide and ready to book anywhere any time. 


The brand new project from Dj Navi released to The hot new mission has blazing tracks from some of the industries underrated artist. All original and FREE. The link is above!


The Latest in DJ Navi gear is here. Click on the online store to check it out!!


The latest is, Dj Navi has been given the green light for another oppourtunity. Coming this Spring the live podcast with a yet to be released title!


   Dj Navi

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The Hustle / Jus Skool f. Jeremy Jackson / THC Mixtape